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Welcome to our campaign website, we are Mark Unland, Cynthia Ullman, and Laura Norton

We are a group of candidates that are concerned about the direction of MUD 47 

Did you know?

MUD 47 doesn't provide upcoming meeting agendas nor any meeting handouts on their website.  Compare that to the Township which does provide this.

MUD 47 has discussed converting the existing grassland along the drainage canals into crushed granite pathways.  This has been brought up originally as adding recreational walking paths to encourage more use of the drainage canals, and more recently as a method to reduce grass cutting, further urbanizing the current natural setting.

MUD 47 recently issued NEW bonds, even though the district is essentially built out.  The majority of the new bonds will fund infrastructure for commercial development along 1488 which will lead to more runoff and potentially more flooding for MUD 47 residents.

MUD 47's tax rate is higher than the Township's

MUD 47  sent out a "state of the MUD" at the beginning of the year, this communication however didn't include key information (like any of the above). 

Please contact us if you have any questions
Mark Unland
Cynthia Ullman
Laura Norton
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