Pd. Pol. Adv. Laura Norton Treasurer 163 E. Pathfinders Circle The Woodlands TX 77381

Mark Unland, Cynthia Ullman & Laura Norton

My name is Laura Norton and I'm the only incumbent here that's asking for your vote.  So far I've served one term as your MUD 47 director - a four year term where I learned first hand that our MUD wasn't fighting for the residents of our district.

Almost two years ago now Mark Unland started attending meetings, he asked questions, listened, and kept coming back for more. It was easily apparent that Mark wanted his MUD to work for all the residents of the district so I reached out to him to see if I could get him to run, at first he said no but thankfully for all of us he finally agreed.

Then I reached out to a good friend from MUD 6 board, and he knew a lady that's a long-time volunteer with the Woodlands Biking Community that would be delighted to serve on the MUD board to make it better for all the residents of the district.  Cynthia joined our team.

Thank you for visiting our site, the three of us would very much appreciate your vote. 
Cynthia &

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