Pd. Pol. Adv. Laura Norton Treasurer 163 E. Pathfinders Circle The Woodlands TX 77381

Help improve MUD 47 by giving us your vote

Welcome to my website.

I was first elected to MUD 47 in 2016 and want to thank you - the voters of MUD 47 - for re-electing me in 2020. 
In November of 2020  I was appointed to the Woodlands Water Board of Trustees.

I'm pleased to serve you on this board as there are significant opportunities facing Woodlands Water these days.  They include governance, i.e. what will happen to the 11 MUDs of The Woodlands upon possible incorporation of the Township. Also, this year starts the installation of Smart Meters and MUD 47 is scheduled for change outs in 2021; the meters will help us conserve more water and allow users to get more real time feedback on water usage, thus detecting leaks faster.

Fighting flooding is a priority of mine; I want for MUD 47 to be the MUD that doesn't flood. To that end I will use my voice at every opportunity to fight for better drainage standards at the county level - by closing the "beat the peak" loophole and demanding that current standards be enforced.   Another issue that will contribute to flooding is irresponsible groundwater pumping - addressing this is also a priority of mine. I seek to maintain our property's value by not losing our land surface elevation to subsidence.

Thank you for visiting my site.  I'm here to advocate for the best interests of the residents of my MUD, if you have issues or an idea my cell number is 281-210-6258 my email address is

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