Pd. Pol. Adv. Laura Norton Treasurer 163 E. Pathfinders Circle The Woodlands TX 77381

The issues

Flooding and Drainage
Montgomery County Commissioners Court voted unanimously on August 27, 2019 to keep the "beat the peak loophole"   Here's a link to the video did a story on the risks that development that uses this loophole might have on existing neighbors.

The surface water treatment plant SWTP up in Conroe went on line in 2015.  It was built to address excessive groundwater pumping that was leading to rapidly declining water tables.  When the plant went online water table drops ceased.  With the 2018 elections the new Lonestar board sought to throw out groundwater pumping regulations and was successful. Since 2018 we permit much higher pumping amounts and that will cause increased subsidence especially in South Montgomery County.  Subsidence is irreversible and will lead to changing contours and flooding for many in our region.

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